At AMK we manufacture and market more than 100 products. However we haven't showcased all our products on this website.You see only our specialty products like our curry pastes and the more popular products.

The major buying point for you is that our full bottled product range is the only artificial preservative free range available for Sri Lankan products in the market today.

We have followed tradition by bottling most products rather than canning them due to two main reasons.

The main reason is that through our unique pressure steam heating process we are able to bottle our products without artificial preservatives and colouring. The major benefit from this method being the original taste is maintained through the products lifespan.

The other main buying point for you the customer is that one can see the actual product inside the bottle rather than just a picture on a can. As for our range of curry powders we blend and mill these completely in house using our own specialized pin mill machines. This products are completely metal free as most of the average curry powder has a minute metal content due to the milling equipment currently used in Sri Lanka. Our AMK products are certified by many international institutions. Each product has a comprehensively mapped production process thus maintaining a very high level of constancy in quality and taste.

Meeting the highest standards
Featured Products :
Brine Products
Paste for Chicken/ Beef/Mutton/Fish/Pork /Crab/Prawn
Biriyani Mix paste Yellow Rice Mix Paste
Ambulthiyal Mix Paste
Pol Sambol Vegetarian Pol Sambol
SeeniSambol (Wet/ Dry)
Vegetarian SeeniSambol
Katta Sambol & Lunumiris
Prawns Sambol
Lime Pickle
Sinhala Pickle
Malay Pickle
Chilli Paste
Brinjal / Bittergourd with Sprats
Fried Dry Fish
Kithul Jaggery Kithul Treacle
Melon Candy bonbons de melon